File #: 2859-2022    Version: 1
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 10/14/2022 In control: Administration Committee
On agenda: 11/7/2022 Final action: 11/10/2022
Title: To authorize the Executive Director of the Civil Service Commission to modify, by increasing, the current contract with Mount Carmel Health Providers, Inc. for the administration of pre-employment physicals and cardiovascular stress testing of public safety recruits; to authorize the expenditure of $280,000.00 from the General Fund; and to declare an emergency ($280,000.00).
Attachments: 1. Ord. 2859-2022 Mount Carmel Mod 280K Legislation Attachment.pdf
The Civil Service Commission needs to increase the maximum authorized expenditure in the current contract with Mount Carmel Health Providers, Inc. in order to add funds for pre-employment physicals and cardiovascular stress testing of public safety recruits in preparation for upcoming Police and Fire Academy classes. Funding is typically added annually or prior to each academy class. As part of our 2022 budget development, Finance advised us they were purposefully under-funding entry-level safety medical screenings but would monitor expenses as the year progressed and identify additional funds as determined necessary. The original academy classes identified for 2022 were two (2) Police Officer classes of 35 each (total of 70), and two (2) Firefighter classes of 35 each (total of 70). As the year progressed it was determined by Public Safety that there would need to be (3) Police Officer classes totaling 170 recruits, one (1) “lateral” class of (50) out-of-jurisdiction Police Officer recruits, and three Firefighter classes totaling 135 recruits. So, knowing the original 140 medical assessments needed were under-funded to begin with, and then accommodating the increase in classes/recruits requiring a total of approximately 450 additional medical assessments to cover upcoming Police and Fire classes beginning in December and first quarter of 2023, it becomes quickly evident how our original budget appropriation was grossly under-funded and a significant increase in funding is now required.

Since this is a professional services contract that has already been awarded through the regular Request for Proposals process (see below), the contract’s requirements cannot be awarded through other procurement processes. Pricing for the additional assessments is in accordance with bid pricing previously submitted by Mount Carmel Health Providers, Inc. for 2022/23 services.

Bid Information: In 2019, the City of Columbus Civil Service Commission published a Reques...

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